Avatar – Could Man Benefit By Living Like Na’vi?

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Hey Hey.

First let me state that I am in no way bagging on the movie Avatar & Michael Bay…i thought it was completely kick ass!! Seriously the cinematics are amazing and if you havn’t seen it in 3D yet, get out from under your rock.

Now to my next point, the meat of this blog.  Most people that come out of that movie ponder the thought of what life would be like if man adopted the Na’vi way of life. I don’t mean riding on giant birds and sticking your ponytail into everything to “bond” with it, but what if we went back to living of the land? I admit at first I thought that this would be the key to most of our current global crisises. Imagine a world where we no longer need to combat global warming because there are no factories or cars to release those awfull emmissions. Imagine living in a world where there is no more fear of a nuclear war breaking out or fears of chemical warfare…wouldn’t life be sweet?

It would seem like mankind would finally be living in Utopia. But as the saying goes; if something is looks to good to be true then it usually is. Correct me if I am wrong, but during the movie i never once saw a sick Na’vi or was exposed to the idea of disease. Maybe on their homeworld they have no outbreaks, however this is an issue that mankind has not been able to combat without advances in science. A clear example is how the Mayans were wiped out by the measles…were they not living purely of the land?

Another concept that was not brought up was famine. Yes we have methods of irrigation and plating that could improve production of crops…but unlike the homeworld of the Na’vi we seem to face factors such as droughts, floods and all kinds of irregular climatic activity. Where would we be without our ability to utilise water by simply turning the tap.

Look to our brothers & sisters who are not part of “Western Society” and do largely depend on their environment and the ability to live of the land to survive. We see them in the news almost every other day suffering from faimine, droughts, floods, tyranny.

The answear for protecting our Earth is  not eliminating technology and going back to living of the Earth. Unfortunately the answear is an unobtainable one because mankind is and forever will be flawed. Technology is a double edged sword has given us the ability to do great good but it has also given us the power to do great evil.

So to those of you who say “We should be like the Na’vi”…get off the peace pipe buddy!

Over & out,

Captain Spank.

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Hello world!

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Hi there!

I felt the need to create this blog with the purpose of expelling the random thoughts i have during the day. I feel that sometimes allowing them to cluster can create chaos within ones mind and penning those thoughts (or in this case typing) into words to me can be quite theraputic.

Why choose a blog? Who am i to deny the public of my thoughts, unknowingly there may be others who feel as i do or share the same thoughts. This blog may aid them by letting them know that they are not alone, their thoughts are not as ludicrous as they initially percieved.  The other reason for this blog is because i cant be arsed buying a journal…as blatant as that may seem.

Also if you don’t like what you read…meh! This is my blog, suck it up and live with it. =D

Brought to you by the Captain of Spank,

Captain Spank.

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